This is for you, Mom

You always try to get me to wear colour…

This is not a look I would normally wear, but I am surprisingly comfortable today. The rock-bottom prices at a local clearance sale hypnotised me.

Tomorrow, I may have to detox with a nice black shirt and some jeans that were cool about five years ago…

And no, I’m not investing in flip-flops unless they’re for by the pool on holiday.
I have limits.

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8 thoughts on “This is for you, Mom”

  1. Hey, when you get tired of that scarf, may I have it? Pretty please? It’s gorgeous–I”ll hang it on the wall.

  2. @ Daddy P–My daughter is a bad influence–I have one tattoo and planning on another–all her fault–rotten kid 🙂

  3. Never mind the scarf. I think this picture is ideal for a caption comp. “Guess what Jen is thinking” (and am I the only one who thinks it would be a dirty thought)

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