Plague lifted (mostly) and caffeinated

It’s been a pretty good day. I’m down to a slightly annoying level of congestion in my head but the (natural) energy level is good. I’ve been productive with my writing, popped into town for birthday present shopping, and managed to suck down a soy cappuccino at Costa for some (unnatural) additional energy. I’m home, have had some post-town catch up time and am about to sequester myself again in the little home office for some more writing work. I am feeling abnormally capable today and am taking full advantage of the energy -¬†natural or otherwise – while it’s available.

Before I’m off, a quick update on my Grandma. She’s better(ish), but still in the care facility and requires all food pur?©ed and all liquids thickened. She hates this, and I can’t blame her. I spoke to her for a few minutes yesterday and she sounds as positive as I can expect her to. I’ve asked one of my cousins to send me her address at the facility so I can send her a card and photos. Thank you so much to everyone who has emailed, IM’d, and commented about her. She means so much to me and so do your kind thoughts and wishes. Y’all are awesome! 🙂

Now, off to harness more freakish Monday productivity…

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