Desert Island Geek: the site, the podcast

Desert Island Geek podcastNeil came up with this idea: Desert Island Geek, a podcast where a guest geek is trying to get through a checkpoint on a deserted island with a limited number of permitted items: a website, a podcast, a podsafe music track, a book, and a gadget. The geek must justify each chosen item, have each accepted, or be left to the sharks. (I embellished that last detail.)

I don’t appear on the podcast [yet or maybe never – who knows], but I was the brand and site designer. It’s cute and happy and even though Neil is cramming in so much text that my lovely whitespace has nearly disappeared [ kisses sweetie 😉 ], it still pleases me.

You can listen to – and perhaps even apply to appear on – Desert Island Geek through the following links:

Desert Island Geek homepage
Desert Island Geek BTPodshow page

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