because nothing sounds like more fun than a Medicine Use Review

We had flooding today in lovely Maidenhead, Berkshire. After contemplating and dismissing how quickly I could whip myself up an ark, I tugged on my Wellies (tall rubber boots) and armed with my camera, wandered around the town centre. As a favour for a friend, I popped into Waterstone’s to take some pictures of their flood damage and after that I nosed around the rest of the shopping complex for photo opportunities. The one below was snapped in a sloppy haste because people were walking in front of me every two seconds.

Transcript after the photo.

“Pharmacy FunDay, Friday 27 July
-Minor Ailments
-Medicines Use Reviews
-Smoking Cessation
-Blood Pressure Monitoring
-Free Prescription Collection Service
-Weight Management Program
-Healthy Checks
-Cholesterol Checks”

I couldn’t read the little, tiny writing in the bottom left corner…

I’ll post some other shots from today’s floodiness later.

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4 thoughts on “because nothing sounds like more fun than a Medicine Use Review”

  1. Wow the Pharmacy know how to throw a wild time.

    The BBC have some photos of the floods in Maidenhead, mind you they probably faked them like their phone in quizzes 🙂

  2. Believe me, I am half thinking about going to the Friday FunDay… I don’t have plans and I’m dying to see who turns up for the event! 😀

    You think I should bring the host a bottle of wine? lol

  3. Do you think they are giving out free samples of Vicoden at pharmacy funday? If not they should!

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