Thursday has come and gone and I did not buy chairs

How long can you shop online without buying a thing? With ADD, it can be a staggering length of time. For one item. Garden chairs. Sun loungers, specifically. I have no idea how long I spent staring and comparing metal framed, wooden framed, patterned fabric, padded seats, arm vs. no arms, reclining, stationary, fold-up, Tesco Direct, Woolworth’s, Argos, Homebase, and millions of other sites I’d never heard of and ALL FOR WHAT?

A couple of items saved in a couple of online shopping carts and not one thing purchased.

When I noticed the amount of time that had passed – read: I snapped out of it – I’m pretty sure I wasted under 3 but over 1.5 hours clicking around. For sun loungers. Cheap, but not too cheap. Considering all the above criteria.
And I don’t even want a tan.

I gave up and decided that I have, at the very least, done some valuable research and that when the time comes for Neil and I to pop into Slough or Reading for a look at some in person (and perform the all-important test drive by sitting in them), my research will make the whole experience easier and quicker. (Damn, I almost believed that last bit myself…)

On the up-side of this here Thursday – which is, in this flat anyway, traditionally a low-expectation day – I achieved some gardening, two loads of laundry, a healthy lunch, some housework, and reading. I’ve managed to do enough that I don’t feel as though I’ve wasted my day and I still have writing time left this evening. Hurray!

And no, if I don’t want a tan I don’t know why exactly I NEED the sun loungers. It just seems right to have the option since we have a garden now. A freshly weeded garden, I might add.

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