Psst. Hey buddy, want 2 GB of Mozy online backup for free?

Neil found this awhile back and I installed it as well. I was initially slow to use it, but Mozy online backup is impressing me and the client software keeps improving with every release.

I wouldn’t trust any single method to be the only backup you ever have, but Mozy is getting good marks from The Wall Street Journal, Pogue in The New York Times, FT, and Yahoo!. They also have a paid version that’s very affordable.

I know I’m sounding like a commercial, but seriously, if you’re interested in having a play with 2 GB of FREE and secure backup space (Mac or Windows) try this here linky linky. Using that link also gets me a bunch more megs of storage for pointing you there, and that rocks.

That referral link again. 🙂

Backup is good. Data loss is so, so bad…

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2 thoughts on “Psst. Hey buddy, want 2 GB of Mozy online backup for free?”

  1. A possible replacement for the 2Gb memory stick I lost between work, Maidenhead, and home.

    Woah – freaky… I just tried to sign up but apparently I already have an account. Do you still get the extra space?

  2. Oh, bummer about the memory stick!

    I’m not sure about the Mozy thing- I’ll check my account to see if it goes through. Thank you – even if it doesn’t count towards my total. ‘Tis the thought… 😀

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