Firefighting his way through a work project

Neil’s been in high gear with a work project today and communication between teams through conference calls has been, erm, frustrating at times. After the last swarm of calls, my beautifully wound-up fella says:

blah blah blah…[the beginning part isn’t important]…We’re not a third world country!”

“You’re not? Y’all don’t have Taco Bell though, do ya.”

My Americanness is undeniably powerful at times. Kinda like being a Jedi, only with spicy burritos instead of deadly light sabres. (The deadly part of a spicy burrito is subtle and not realised until hours later…)

Fortunately, the above mentioned work chaos is finding its order and we’ve got tickets to an art exhibition in London tonight. I think it’s a given that we will make time in our travels for him to have a great big, well-earned pint of Guinness. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Firefighting his way through a work project”

  1. Actually we did have Taco Bell in the late 70s in London and Edinburgh.

    We threw it out; which says more about how important we are in comparison to the US than anything else. Aside from maybe how we managed to con you into taking the Beckhams.

  2. Yeah, you gave America the Beckhams, but we’re still assimilating you one sitcom and supermarket at a time… heh heh

    Now, who do I petition to get Taco Bell reinstated!

  3. Oh please, at least bring decent mexican food over.

    I’ve only found one place in London that my half yank / half southern american wench happy.

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