Short and Fuzzy: Episode 10

Short and Fuzzy podcastShort and Fuzzy episode 10 has been released. It went out last week, and I totally forgot to promote it here. 😛 Once again, it’s full of fresh, current content recorded from the sofa.

About the show:
Short and Fuzzy is an all talk podcast and I’m fifty percent of it. It’s around a half hour of Neil and I gabbing on about whatever is in our heads. It’s unscripted and, for the most part, unedited. This means not necessarily safe for work, y’all. 😉
You’ve been warned and now you’re getting the link
(pick one that appeals to you):

There’s also Windows Media Player, Winamp, Real, and RSS feeds on the BTPS page.

Episode Notes: Giant insects outside the window, recipe for a wine cooler, facial porn wrinkles, chocolate bugs on the pillow, Formula1 starts to grab Jen’s attention, and much more…

Thank you for listening!

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