The generation that will change our old-person diapers and feed us applesauce

Possibly THE MOST USELESS work experience duo wandered about the workplace this week. Today, thank the oh-my-gods, was their last day. They were let go early. When I found out they would vex me no more, I did a happy dance in front of everyone, including a customer.
Before departing, these budding young workers left their evaluation sheets for the management. Said Tweedle Dum (That’s the girl. The boy was upgraded to Tweedle Dee, but barely.):

TD: “Oh, I bet I did really bad.” (Gets points for her powers of self-observation at least.)

Manager-Type – avoiding the obvious ‘I’ve had more competent dryer lint.’:
“Well you did fine with Punctuality. You were here every day on time.”

TD: “Oh- I thought that was about how I spoke to people.”

Manager-Type: “No, you’re probably thinking of punctuation. Full-stops, exclamation marks, and sentence structure things.”

TD: (I didn’t hear what she said next, but I can imagine she looked as vacant as a stadium car park during a baseball players strike.)

I’m guessing that she also believes that elocution is what happens when you throw a radio into a bathtub.
Used in a sentence: I’ve been elocuted and it hurt real bad.

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11 thoughts on “The generation that will change our old-person diapers and feed us applesauce”

  1. I’ve been telling that same story all evening!

    Just so you know, the bit that you didn’t hear was:
    TD: “oh….I didn’t know that!” (& very vacant expression)

    Manager-Type:(Astonished)”well, don’t worry about it now, just go home”

  2. Oh boy I’ve got a few like that around here. sadly, they’re full time employees. Even worse – theyre entrusted with other people’s finances.

    We do have a pair of summer interns in the main office who are each 50% competent. The pair are attached at the hip and any assigned tasks require engagement from both of them at all times.

    I can only assume they’re each getting paid half the hourly rate.


  3. @Karen: Thank you! I forgot what came next. πŸ™‚
    Have a great weekend! BTW, I’ve had two glasses of wine this evening… medicinal.

    @Macross: Welcome to my blog! I know what you mean about ‘joined at the hip’ types. We’ve had those too. Thank goodness work experiencers aren’t paid… I send positive vibes towards your continued endurance. πŸ™‚

  4. I am half way through my second glass now…as you said…medicinal. Try to have a good weekend aswell, call me if you need to.

  5. Telling a customer to quit masticating so he can get better service on the phone……

    I can’t wait for mine elocution.

  6. Not all work experience people are that bad… I’ve relied on it in order to gain more experience, and when there is something I’m unsure of then I disappear and research it.

    Ok, perhaps doing work experience at Wimbledon and being one of the team getting the feed for BBC1&2 from the ground to your home (RF, Satellite & IP variants all in use), a tad more intelligence than ordinary fools is required. But still… it’s an important thing to do for us lot starting out! πŸ™‚

  7. @Tom: Welcome! And you are right: not all work experience people are that bad. In fact, we had the most lovely and hard-working pair two weeks ago. They were stellar and served to make the contrast with the subject of this post all the more apparent.
    Fingers crossed that next week’s pair will be at least somewhere in between.

    I’d love to tell more specific stories about this girl and boy, but I’d reveal too much about where I work. Plus, you wouldn’t believe the other stuff if I told it anyway! πŸ˜‰

    @Ginny: It is funny. Now. heh heh

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