A recent trip to Camden Town

Every time I say I’ll post more photos of a recent event, I forget to do it. So, knowing that, I’ve posted three shots from a recent trip to Camden Town in London with my friend Sam. There are more photos, but I’m not promising you’ll ever see them since I’ll forget to post them.

I know me.

The above shot is for Sam, who nearly bought one of those hideous furry cats. Thank goodness we were being thrifty that day…
The other two Camden photos are on my flickr site, as well as a few other random shots that I’ve taken recently.
I must make time to process more. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “A recent trip to Camden Town”

  1. Hideous and oddly entrancing. They were at a little corner stand in the brick area of shops just outside the food court area. I’m afraid that’s as concise as I can manage.

    I should warn you, they had a few others in various poses as well: upright, curled up and napping… All equally hideous. 😉

  2. Thank heavens for thrifty days.
    ‘Thrifty days have September, April, June and November’- I hope this WAS a few days ago, either that or my mantra’s wrong.

  3. I wonder if that is one of those stuffed animals made in Asia that they claim is made of rabbit fur but is actually dog fur.

  4. Ginny, I wouldn’t doubt it. I wouldn’t trust the stated origins of anything like that. (Especially for ¬¨¬£4.)

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