Lacking a clever post title

Now that I’m not busy complaining about certain * cough * social networking sites, I have again filled my days with the normal occupying tasks: work (freelance and part-time stuff), home maintenance (laundry and other mundane necessities), and a smattering of real social activities (Camden with a friend and guests over last evening). Things feel as though they’re getting on track.

However, this morning I got a call from my Mom and my Grandma’s in the hospital. She was in a car wreck, alone, and has been transferred from the little hospital I was born in to a much bigger hospital in Indianapolis. Things don’t sound critical or too worrying, but she’s damaged vertebrae and cut her head. They’re going to run neurological tests today, and so I’ll find out more later. As she gets older, my concerns for her health have increased, but even if I were 4000 miles nearer, there’d be little more I could do than I can from England.

In the meantime, I’m off to work. I’m not letting myself worry prematurely because it does no good and only wastes energy.

I’ll update as I hear more.

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