Explain please

So if Amy Winehouse has an itch on the top of her head

Someone pass that girl a knitting needle.
how does she scratch it?

That would drive me nuts…

(See, I told you I’d be back to my pointless blogging… πŸ˜‰ )

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10 thoughts on “Explain please”

  1. I think she uses a big knitting needle, that she pushes through that rat’s nest on her head.

  2. My vote it with chopsticks, when she’s done she pulls out a little kung pao chicken and has a snack.

  3. Itch on the top of her head? For that to happen she’d have to have some feeling there, and you know what “they” say:

    ‘where there’s no sense, there’s no feeling’

    (sorry it’s 2.40am, after 5 hours of recording crap bands, so I’m feeling a little bitchy)

  4. Im thinking more of an icepick than knitting needle, that rat nest on the top looks fairly solid.

    Or maybe rent it out to the air force to try bunker penetrating missiles on?

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