Still damaged after all these years

Neil’s Dad and step-mother were over last night for a late Father’s Day meal of Mexican food as well as to share with us their video footage showing their recent trip to the American west. (My! For being very new at the whole camcorder thing, he sure used it a lot!) Four hours later, we said our goodnights and although we really did enjoy the majority of his footage – including the ‘name that sound’ moments where he left it recording in the camera case – one simple truth remains:

I am forever damaged by Disney’s It’s a Small World pavilion.
I experienced the one in Florida twenty odd years ago and still found myself rocking side to side and singing along like a low-level drone zombie being called home by her zombie queen. The others in the room found this most amusing. I am a tiny bit horrified. Neil has never been to Disney. Oh, it’s now on the list of things to do, I assure you. Feel my pain, Welshman.

I need to listen to some very scary music to bury this psychological damage deep again…

* charges iPod for thought cleansing *

Luh la la la la la luh la la la…

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4 thoughts on “Still damaged after all these years”

  1. Great.. now I’ve got it stuck in my head..!

    I’d kinda like to go to Disneyland/world/france, not least for the look of utter bewilderment on the faces of my two very British children… Beth, however, is not so keen. She thinks it’s tawdry.

  2. You neglected to mention that something went wrong with the ride, it stopped; and we were stuck there with those animatronic “Children of the Corn” singing that horrible song over and over for at least ten minutes (hours?). I can’t stand to hear that music!

  3. See? There really *is* a hell on earth. And all I’ve experienced of it are a few minutes of less than expertly shot camcorder footage.

  4. Welshmen were born to suffer.
    Perhaps you could smuggle a camcorder in at Disney’s? The resulting footage might be useful as leverage at the next threatened video fest.

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