A change of scenery to meet the sandman

I’ve not been out of bed long at this point-¬†normally I’m up well before 9AM, more typically -¬†on a day I work from home – around 7ish. This morning finds me munching toast with LSA* (LSA explained in a haphazard footnote) and chugging an orange juice at damn near 10.

I had insomnia last night. Yesterday was a humdinger of potentially stressy stuff at my part-time job thanks to a rather difficult to ignore storm damage issue, but I handled it very well and took -¬†within reasonable parameters – charge of the major cleanup and organising of the situation. (I’m quite good in chaos.) I walked home for a camera (I was asked nicely if I’d do so) and returned all CSI-like to document nature’s crime scene. I worked my ass off yesterday. I was so exhausted that when I got home I lay unmoving on the sofa through back to back episodes of Friends. Amusing as the show is, I never do that. I’m just not much for TV in general.

What kept me tossing and turning last night (remember that part of the post? I almost didn’t…) was a combination of exhaustion and intense mental involvement rooting Neil on as he played the latest Tomb Raider game. It’s thoroughly entertaining to cheer and squeal as ol’ big boobs (that’s Lara, not Neil) makes her way from platform to pedestal to rolling between blades and shooting things and oh! how the list could go on. He was playing this around midnight; I should’ve been sleeping. We were having too much fun. That said, the combination of rather unpleasant exhaustion from a really hard day at work and then the complete adrenaline high of squirming and squealing at Lara Croft’s progress through nail-biting tasks… I was doomed for sleep at that point.

After two hours or so of tossing and turning (as gently as I could) I retreated to the sofa. A change of scenery often clicks the sleep button for me. Three fairly restful hours later I wandered back to the bed. I succeeded in getting some sleep. And that just about brings us up to the present. I’m still a bit crusty around the eyes and my hair is squirrelly. I am surprised at how good I feel this morning, but I can certainly tell that I’m not the resilient young thing I was ten years ago. Funny how I can be in reasonable shape (weight and fitness-wise) but am learning what it is to have an ageing body. I feel like I’ve just met a new me. Odd.
Hello, me.

Anyway, the day is passing me by.

*LSA: The ratio is three parts Linseed, two parts Sunflower seed (not roasted/salted), and one part Almond. Ground together into a powder, they make an extremely healthy sprinkle to add to anything. Add to toast, over broccoli and pasta, in sandwiches, on cereal… Very good for you. Read about it in a liver-cleansing book.

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5 thoughts on “A change of scenery to meet the sandman”

  1. Why in the hell are you reading a liver cleansing book? Do I need to start a summer reading list for you so your not reading such rubbish?

  2. @Jodi: Actually, I am not reading the liver cleansing book. Neil told me about the LSA recipe in it. Before I knew him, he did the diet and got healthier as well as lost weight, so the book is part of our shared collection now.

    You’ll be pleased to know that I have a rather well-rounded summer reading list, and not a one of them is a diet or nutrition book. 🙂 (Although I should mention that the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon is rather refreshing when added to cold drinking water first thing in the morning. Plus, it’s good for your liver evidently… 😉 )

  3. My liver rudely told me to go * myself when I suggested a good cleansing! Nasty little thing.

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