Dinner and a trolley of furnishings

We headed out to our local IKEA around 7PM last evening. By local, I mean within an hour’s drive.

Home by 11PM and ¬£100 lighter, I realised that having an IKEA conveniently open until midnight is not really helpful at all- I’ve got a car full of goodies and there’s no way I can assemble anything without waking the neighbours! The torture of sleeping when I should be flexing my hex wrench muscles!

And now I’ve got a full day of work plus an evening of freelance to do. No IKEA playtime today either.
* sigh *

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3 thoughts on “Dinner and a trolley of furnishings”

  1. The terrible Goddess made me go to IKEA many years ago. She’s talking about going again and I haven’t got a shed to hide in now. Why am I telling you this – obviously I won’t get any sympathy from you? Is Neil there?

  2. He is, but I’ve got him buried under a pile of recyclable packaging and pictogram assembly pamphlets… 😀

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