Web developers: delete your histories

I subscribe to a service called BrowserCam. They rock. I test pretty much all my site builds using this remote service. It keeps me from buying a dozen basic PCs with various operating systems and browser builds. It keeps me happy. If you develop for the web, you need this sort of service. It pays for itself with its magical headache removal and look-like-a-hero goodness.

What it doesn’t do is clean up the browser histories for you. When using the Java VNC desktops, delete your histories and caches, you silly, silly developers. I know you’re likely up against a deadline, but really, this is important.
Why bother?
Because I just got a look at your new social media site before it launches. I got your developer access by clicking a history link. Your password was cached. Silly, silly developer. Freddy, sorry but this means you.

Don’t worry- I’m not blabbing the site, telling anyone what you’re doing, or gonna steal your ideas. I just wanted to let you know that I saw your site and although the About Us text was a bit overly wordy, the rest of the layout is looking pretty good. Nice colours. You’ve got that Web 2.0 evolved thang goin’ on. But for the love of your hard work, delete your history. There are others out there who aren’t so considerate. And worse than that, there are employers who would fire you for leaking their product-¬†maybe even sue you! No one wants that.
To be fair, Freddy wasn’t the only silly developer leaving bread crumbs for everyone-¬†there were loads more. That’s a lot of potentially stolen ideas, leaked launches, and unemployed developers.

Nosey- yes, I can be. But don’t give me a reason to go snooping, a’ight?

/ends sermon 😉

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