A place to shut out the world

Yay! The desk for the spare room arrived yesterday. Argos (a catalogue retailer in the UK) had a beech-effect flat-pack desk on superduper offer and it fits our requirements perfectly.
(Photo is from the Argos site- not our actual room or equipment.)

Cataloguedesk When we took this apartment, we were sold on the amount of space. We’ve got three bedrooms to play with here. One is, as expected, our bedroom. Another is our home office/freelance central. The third – and smallest – bedroom was always to become the “quiet space” for writing or drawing, etc. We are now one step closer to that happening.

The desk went together pretty easily, though IKEA tends to print better instructions than Argos. I only had a few extra parts (yes, they are really extra and not just missed in the process) and the build quality was surprisingly good. Not wobbly or cheap feeling at all. I love IKEA stuff, but I could not beat the deal on this, normally £60, desk.

Aeron Now I need a chair. I think it’d be great to get a Herman Miller for around ¬£800 and use it at a ¬£30 desk. So wrong… and I’m so dreaming. A trip to IKEA is in the near future, but for now I’m making do with a stolen kitchen chair when needed.

The quiet space is already feeling right. I’m usually sat at a desk in our office that faces Neil’s desk, has loads of equipment, lamps, printers, and other dark and dusty bits towering around me. The new space? Light coloured wood (the office has black desks), none of my normal clutter (staplers, scratch pads, pen cups, speakers, cables and cameras, and more), and none of the distraction of having another person in the room. Though it’s a home office, normal big office things go on in it. Phone calls, loads of typing, and other noises and distractions. There has been no alternate workspace for when focus is at its worst and the need for a quiet desk at its most critical. That’s changing today.

When we moved into the flat, I initially toyed with the idea of having separate offices. The justification for the split being both writing and ADD-related. This may still happen. Right now, the quiet room is meant for us both, but perhaps if we separate our work spaces then neither of us will need a quiet room… without another person in the room, it becomes as quiet as required, right?

I’ve never been good at consistently tuning out the distractions around me. Being in my own little room still won’t cure that, but it may prove to be one less thing to stress me. I’ve got a bunch of projects started (mostly writing related) and want to give them – and more importantly, myself -¬†the best chance at finishing them.

This has been a bit of a rambly, waffly post, I know. Perhaps I should’ve written it from the new desk-¬†it’s one of those days where the world is really hard to tune out. I’m fidgeting constantly and I feel like I’ve got a marching band outside the door and circus out the window. Distractions abound, and they’re the same things I hear every day. Some days the noise just seems louder.

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