Because Pete couldn’t leave it alone

A huge following seems to be forming around a web phenomenon called ‘lolcats‘ and ‘macros’. Some friends and I have been following a site called I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER for several months and it only seems to be growing in popularity. Served up on, ICHC has been the top visited site for ages. It’s ahead of GigaOM (also on servers), which is – according to The Truth Laid Bear – within the top 1000 weblogs on the net. Pretty good company for a blog mostly made up of amateur cat photos with captions so intentionally appalling your English teacher could cry…

Mind you, not all the captions on ICHC work well, and many don’t work at all; you’ll have that when everyday people attempt to write comedy. However, so much of ICHC is truly laugh-out-loud funny. The IN UR ___ [verbin’] UR ___ model is popping up everywhere now- in conversation as well as instant messages, texts, and emails. Is it bigger than All Your Base Are Belong to Us? Probably. The beauty of the lolcat/macros is that it will take longer for it to get old because it seems to stay fresh and is evolving…
Case in point below- a photo of mine with caption provided by Pete:*

Another friend has recently pointed out the lol80s spinoff, which for a teen of the era, is quite funny. (The Lemmy caption is priceless and the Big Country tie-in to an existing lolcat – so clever.) Note: to appreciate the 80s macros, you probably need to be familiar with the bukkits of the lolcats walruses. Yes, I realise how completely ridiculous that last sentence was, but trust me on it.

Now, I must go through pictures of my cats… I’m certain I’ve got some potential macros in there somewhere.


*My photos are protected by copyright – Pete had my permission.

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  1. Heheh I can has cheezburger is a great site, especially when your bored at work and you dont want to do anything 🙂

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