OK, who told her about my tea issues?

Looks like my worries about the British tea ritual were all for nothing. The landlady came over today, (after a reschedule), and didn’t have tea or biscuits. * sigh * And I had quite the spread too…

She had a glass of water (perhaps she’s not really into tea) and I gave her two of the muffins as takeaway. That required no arm-twisting whatsoever. On the plus side, Neil’s pleased about the biscuit surplus as he’s trying to convince me that they’re medicinal. (Poor thing is catching my cold…)

So the meeting with the landlady went well. She took a table we didn’t want and is addressing a couple of minor issues with window seals and extra phone lines. I like her- she desperately wants to be sure we’re happy here. She needn’t worry- it’s the perfect place for us right now.

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5 thoughts on “OK, who told her about my tea issues?”

  1. Of course, cookies are medicinal! Have you forgotten all the food information I passed on to you—brownies are at the top of the food pyramid, leftover chili is great for breakfast, a large bowl of ice cream absolutely is a proper substitute for dinner, etc.

  2. @Mom: Oh trust me, I’m continuing the tradition. You know how restaurants advertise “Breakfast Anytime” ‚Äö?Ñ?Æ I say, why stop at breakfast foods… Nachos Anytime! Yeah!

    I’m also reminded that I need to buy a brownie pan…

    @Daddy Papersurfer: mouldy? Heaven’s no… maybe… hope not. The label said blueberries… didn’t it? 😛

  3. Jen Jen Jen, Neil is not catching your cold. He’s a man and as such is about to suffer from the worst case of ‘flu ever – sniff sniff.

    ps — love mom’s attitude to eating, my fav is toffee cheese cake for breakfast, great start to the day with that suger rush.

  4. @Martin: Toffee cheesecake for breakfast sounds yummy.
    I will definitely give that a try!

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