Getting well and getting a good deal at the Apple Store

I’ve been battling an exhausting cold for about a week. I’m feeling better now but probably set myself back by going to the Adobe Live event at the Business Design Centre in London. I am so drained of energy tonight…

Turns out, the Adobe Live gig was a bit of a let-down as far as swag and giveaways were concerned. I got another conference lanyard (extra wide and bright purple in colour) and a nice pen from the Konica Minolta booth. That’s it. I also came away with disheartening information on the upgrade paths for the Adobe products: damn expensive and my US licenses mean nothing for a UK upgrade path. Sigh. I actually expected as much, but hoped I was wrong.

Top event of the day was trading in my ailing iPod at the Apple Store. My 2005 iPod Mini (6GB model) had been suffering battery charge issues for several months and I decided, on a whim, to ask the nice folks at the iPod Bar about it. They could do a part exchange for ¬£49 if they had it in stock. Sounded good to me. What I didn’t realise is that I was getting what is essentially a new iPod for ¬£49. It’s a factory refurb with a new hard drive, new click wheel, and new battery. There’s a tiny scratch on the ‘used’ casing, but I have, in essence, a new iPod for cheap. Colour me a happy camper! They don’t transfer the songs or data over, but that’s fine- I can sync that up again with ease. Whoo-hoo! Thank you Apple!

The picture above has a funny little story. I was waiting on the tube at Moorgate when I snapped this photo. Quick as can be, a Transport for London employee was by my side asking me if I was ‘Press.’ I assured him I was not. He clearly seemed puzzled over why I’d take a picture of the dirty wall, so I showed him the capture in the preview screen on my camera. I explained that I liked the contrast of the bright green door on the dirty wall and that I like taking pictures of doors in general. He seemed to understand and said, “So you’re an artist.” I accepted his assessment sweetly and he said with a smile, “As long as you aren’t press.” Then he told me it was fine to take pictures as long as I didn’t use flash “because of the trains.”
He was a really nice guy, and perhaps he’ll look at the grubby walls a little differently now…

Gonna sleep like a rock tonight. London tuckers me out when I’m in good health, let alone getting over a cold. Thanks to my pal Pete for hanging out with me today- had a great time wandering the city with you! * mwah mwah *

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8 thoughts on “Getting well and getting a good deal at the Apple Store”

  1. The Apple Store in Glasgow is due to open in July I think 🙂

    Are you guys coming up for the Edinburgh festival this year?

  2. Yeah, I was disappointed by the swag haul, too.

    Given that it was aimed at professional users, many with serious corporate budgets, and little swag-based bribery would have been nice‚Äö?Ѭ? 🙂

  3. @Adam: I was hoping Adobe would have some special show pricing but nothing. I thought it was almost customary to give a good deal to the captive audience at these things… guess not. 🙁

  4. @Kev: oooo- sounds dangerous! I expect you to blog the opening. 🙂

    I’m guessing we’ll not be able to do Edinburgh Festival this year. I’ve got a friend from the US planning a trip over during that month. I definitely want to do the Fringe again though. Good times!

  5. @Jodi: Thank you!

    @john: I must be doing something wrong because I’m around my Apple stuff everyday. 🙁 Maybe I need more Apple stuff… 😀

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