Mom, is there something you haven’t told me?

Several weeks ago, I sent my driving licence and the paper counterpart forms off to the DVLA to get the address updated to reflect our new residence. Neil was slightly more on the ball –¬†in this household, it’s an ADD crapshoot as to when things get done – and sent his off more than a week before mine. His returned corrected and mine went out soon after.

The postman delivered my licence and new counterpart document today. I checked it over for errors. Thankfully, I was sharper than most mornings with credit due to the accidental use of espresso instead of our typical coffee-

My place of birth has changed by about 14,000 miles.


Indiana had become India.

I phoned the DVLA in Swansea right away and have been instructed to hand write a little letter about the error and to send both my licence and counterpart form in again. Fortunately, there is no charge for updating you address, or apparently, birthplace.

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