Short and Fuzzy: Episode 9 out now

Short and Fuzzy podcastShort and Fuzzy episode 9 has been released. Fresh, current content recorded from the sofa of our new flat.

About the show:
Short and Fuzzy is an all talk podcast and I’m fifty percent of it. It’s around a half hour of Neil and I gabbing on about whatever is in our heads. It’s unscripted and, for the most part, unedited. This means not necessarily safe for work, y’all. 😉
You’ve been warned and now you’re getting the link
(pick one that appeals to you):

There’s also Windows Media Player, Winamp, Real, and RSS feeds on the BTPS page.

Episode Notes: We’re back on the sofa! OK, so we kinda never left.
Find out about the house move, the difference between what is fluffy and what is fuzzy, and creating objects from bits of animals (including a mouse mouse). How can four ADD geeks move house, missing Sky+ and the control of our television viewing, and more about our new home.

Thank you for listening!

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