Because I didn’t feel it was quite broken enough

After suffering intermittently with a dodgy power supply cable for my hand-me-down Titanium Powerbook, I reached the point of not getting a charge at all from it and no amount of dead chicken waving or incense burning would resurrect the flow of unsustainable energy back into my laptop’s battery. I took matters into my – more often than not – capable hands and dissected the cable for clues. In the past, I’ve been known to actually fix things that seemed hopeless and so I went in with an optimistic razor blade, tweezers, and pliers, but alas- my dear connection to the grid was DOA.

My post-mortem thoughts: the fuzzy bit is insulated wire. It worked loose and snapped inside the protective sleeve. The protective sleeve had worked loose several years ago and did what it could to prevent this. Sadly, not enough. So- little I could’ve done and little I can do but watch my screen go dark and have a coffee.
Now what am I going to do with these exsanguinated chickens?

So now I need a new power supply for my ‘writing machine.’ Time to search the vastness of the interweb for a replacement. While I’m there, I could use a new trackball too…

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4 thoughts on “Because I didn’t feel it was quite broken enough”

  1. It looks like a case of tantrum to the inexperienced eye. More often than not the break will be under the plastic of the actual cable – you wiggle it, stress fracture – result “No Highway” to the highway

  2. I had one that did that. My Pismo… thing sparked like Guy Faulks Night compacted into one little second.

    Neil said the protective sleevy-bit went kooky shortly after purchase, which means it’s a wonder the cable lasted as long as it did. It would slip down, the join to the circuit board would wiggle, and then one day it lets go of the screaming maiden dangling over the cliff.

    I’m searching the web for a replacement maiden. Hopefully she’ll be more durable and have the grip of a roadhouse arm-wrestler.

  3. Power supplies are one of the things that Apple is not great at my Titanium Powerbook at the has a power connection that needs wiggled from time to time. Hopefully the new ‘mag-safe’ ones are an improvement.

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