Coffee, work, sleep, and the lack of a clever post title

I’m not really sure where this post will go, as it’s sort of just a late night phone call to my blog. It’s twenty minutes past ten at night and I’m drinking a cup of coffee against my better judgement. Or is it. I have work to do and so I’ve decided to try getting some of it done tonight. I’m employed at a day job several days per week and still take on the odd freelance project here and there. I’m in a “here and there” right now. Must get some work done on it. And the other couple (unpaid but valuable) projects too. And the increasing number of fiction starts I’m creating. (I’m beginning to tap into some ideas behind the fog. Yay!) I have not enough hours in the day to accommodate my intense love of sleep and get work done. Is there a job out there for a professional sleeper? Is that skill in demand? Probably not, but just in case it is, I’m seriously motivated about sleep. I don’t want to brag, but I’m the best sleeper I know. Of course, it’s everyone’s dream to do what they love for a living isn’t it… πŸ˜‰

Procrastination-driven blogging aside, I’m subjecting Neil to some of my favourite tunes tonight – he is also up late working - and determined to make some progress tonight. I now release you from the reading of my poorly structured, late-night, blog call. Have a nose at my profile if you want to see what kind of rubbish I listen to. Over and out.


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5 thoughts on “Coffee, work, sleep, and the lack of a clever post title”

  1. Bah… This requires a slumber party equivalent to a pie-eating contest, doesn’t it.

    Bring your slippers if you think you’re man enough. πŸ˜›

  2. Hi Pete! I’m listening to a “refresh your mind” binaural and working on some interface development again tonight. I took a nap earlier and so I may be up awhile longer.

  3. I would have to agree with you. You are the best sleeper I know. You have mad skillz that I can only aspire to obtain.

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