I am mighty!

I grew up in a household about as far removed from being run by pageantry parents as possible. Dad was a practising psychologist and professor at the local university; Mom was a criminal justice and astronomy graduate; I was an only child who was encouraged to explore art and music from an early age – read birth. I don’t think I received my first feather boa until I was nearly ten. I was made to read and learn without a tiara. Oh, the cruelty I endured.

Given the above glimpse into my upbringing, you can imagine that I was a well-adjusted kid who in no way was interested in the competitive madness of talent shows and pageants. I’ve never been able to twirl a baton anyway. Or hula hoop. Or sing that dreadful piece from “Annie.” So you can deduce that winning accolades based on popularity has little effect on me.

This is not entirely true. I am pleased to announce my plans for global domination- one blog award at a time. Better late than never, eh. Hand me my boa.

August 04, 2005: Jen receives surprise Ecto recognition- Ecto Powered Blog of the Week
– I use Ecto faithfully to manage several blogs. Blogging would feel clunky to me without it. My Blog of the Week status lasted much longer than a week but I’m sure that’s due to developer Adriaan being a very busy guy. Thank you Adriaan!

June 28, 2006: Jen achieves surprise Spreadshirt recognition- Blogger of the Month
– Odd tidbit: I have, to my knowledge, been the ONLY Spreadshirt blog of the month. I broke the mould. Or killed the project. Either way, I’m pleased with the recognition. πŸ˜‰ Thank you Spreadshirt!

May 13, 2007: Through the fair-and-square voting of friends and visitors to my site, I got top daily billing on Fuel My Blog.

Thank you regularjen readers!

Penfold made me a lovely little award widgety-badge which you can see lurking in my blog sidebar. Thank you Penfold! (Feel free to visit him and Fuel his blog.)

I am totally feeling like a princess today! Thank you to all of you who visit, vote, fuel, mention, link to, or comment on my blog. Every one of you is a sparkly star.


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  1. You deserve everything you get – I’ve always said the same thing to myself.[I must stop talking to myself – it’s an age thing you know………is there anybody there?………….oh well].

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