the latest addition to my imbibing CV

Isn’t she gorgeous?

My latest bottle of absinthe. It’s a mild, lovely recipe; it contains a bit less alcohol by volume than many other absinthes.
At a 4 parts water : 1 part Swiss La Bleue, I had to add more absinthe to tone down the sweetness of the single sugar cube I used. This could certainly be sipped without sugar at all.

I managed to muck up the louche a bit here, but normally this absinthe creates a lovely milky white beverage. Note: don’t chuck an ice cube in there if you want it to turn out right; it affects the louche in an unappealing way.

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5 thoughts on “the latest addition to my imbibing CV”

  1. Sorry I can’t resist it………………..absinthe makes the heart grow fonder………….I lurve you I do………you’re my best mate you are………….where are you? and who are you?

  2. Actually, DP, I heard that absinthe makes the tart’s hands wander…

    What a lovely, enticing label on that bottle, jEN!
    Even Harry McFry would be tempted to have a slug, although he’s currently enjoying an anis or two in Madrid.

    Kind Regards

    PS That photo just earned you a Fuel from me on FMB!

  3. Wander, fonder… both? Maybe. 😉

    Welcome Thomas! I must confess that I signed up on FMB purely due to stalking Daddy Papersurfer and Penfold. I’m so pleased you found me!

    The Clandestine IS a lovely bottle – deceptive in its blue tint, but quite beautiful regardless. I hope you’ll visit my flickr page– I am endeavouring to improve my photography. 🙂

    Thank you for the vote!

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