worth a try and fun while it lasted

Alas, the squirrel hunters of the world have not managed to change the John Lewis Most Searched results. I was optimistic, but there is always the possibility that the Most Searched items are actually a front for what John Lewis wants you to search for -¬†in other words -¬†the products they’re pushing by making them seem popular.

With that in mind, we can still feel good about one thing: the increased activity regarding squirrels has got to be making the people who monitor site shopping trends scratch their heads. Why the sudden interest in squirrels? Should we order more? Is there a reason for all this?

The answer to that last question is yes. The reason: silliness. Pure, innocent silliness.

Thank you to everyone who searched for squirrels. You twittered, you blogged, and you searched. Several of you used the site badges. You are awesome! I was blown away by the response. Perhaps a new challenge is in order… I’ll get thinking on that. 😉

First, I need nachos.


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