Short and Fuzzy: All new episode!

Short and Fuzzy podcastShort and Fuzzy episode 8 is out now and this episode is all new and fresh from the sofa of our new flat. No more talk about Madeira! (Though it is a fabulous place.)

About the show:
Short and Fuzzy is an all talk podcast and I’m fifty percent of it. It’s around a half hour of Neil and I gabbing on about whatever is in our heads. It’s unscripted and, for the most part, unedited. This means not necessarily safe for work, y’all. 😉
You’ve been warned and now you’re getting the link
(pick one that appeals to you):

There’s also Windows Media Player, Winamp, Real, and RSS feeds on the BTPS page.

Episode Notes: Welcome to a fresh new episode of Short and Fuzzy! Recorded from our new living room (we’ve recently moved) Jen and Neil chat on the sofa about the purpose of bathroom rugs, going low-tech without Sky+, Jen sorts some socks, Neil’s email order bride is paid for, the stress of her immigration, and why you should never carry someone else’s bag at the airport. Despite a super busy April, we’re pretty chilled. We may not be in Madeira anymore, but life is still pretty good.

Our next all new Short and Fuzzy has already been recorded and will likely be up next week.
Thank you for listening!

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4 thoughts on “Short and Fuzzy: All new episode!”

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  2. Hey Jen,

    Since the last Madeira episode the Short & Fuzzy feed has just had an exclamation mark in iTunes. I just checked the site, have you moved or killed the old feed? Resubscribing to your listed xml feed “” creates a new entry in iTunes, which means having to redownload all the old episodes if I want a vague semblance of order.

    The “go to the show” arrow in iTunes takes me to a red version of your BT Podshow site, an unofficial guide page. Is there some forwarding trick you can do to get the old feed to link up with the new one?


  3. Matt‚Äö?Ñ?Ƭ¨‚Ćthanks for pointing out the iTunes problem. I’ve changed the blog posts to reference the phobos link for greater stability. I had completely forgotten to check my links after I uploaded the episode!

    I’m not sure when or where the xml info got changed, but we should be in good shape now. Ta! 😀

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