real conversations: you know why that is

“You know why that is-“ (or the lesser-used situational cousin “You know what that means-“) is an open-ended question that gets thrown around here in all sorts of conversations and is often the setup for a completely silly explanation- perhaps about milk, spoons, horse trees, Bernard, Alan, or Tony (three recurring and largely meaningless names to us). You get the picture.

You need to know about “You know why that is-“ because most of the time I resign myself to Neil’s delightfully silly followups, however, a small percentage of the time I whip out my own explanation before he has a chance to spill out his masterpiece about astronaut squirrels.
The following exchange was inspired by a bedroom full of freshly purchased and assembled furniture in our new flat.

N: “My T-shirt smells like IKEA. You know what that means-”

J: “That you’ve got a better chance at getting laid because you smell like my favourite flat-pack store?”

I’m kinky like that.

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2 thoughts on “real conversations: you know why that is”

  1. I assure you, they exist only in his head. And they likely sing songs as well… I am married to wonderfully weird man. 🙂

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