A twenty dollar hooker couldn’t have thigh muscles this sore. We’ve moved from a second floor flat to a second floor flat and the experience has been exhausting. (In America, that’s third floor to third floor.)

All is well now and we’ve just finished a bottle of bubbly to celebrate our first night without occupying two addresses. Belongings are beginning to find places here in the new walls and Neil and I both feel like this is home.

Life is good. Regular blogging to commence soon.


5 thoughts on “Moved.”

  1. Just find them darn mini screwdrivers so I can get the ADSL modem properly situated. I know, I know, they’re in a box…

  2. I love some of your phrases. I’m totally going to use the $20 hooker line sometime. Chat soon. Jill wanted me to tell you she started a stealthing revolution at Tremmors a few weeks ago after seeing you on YouTube.

  3. Thanks Jodi! Use and abuse that line as much as you like. 😀

    I’m so stoked to hear the Stealth Disco is spreading. Jill gets a great big thumbs up!

    Yes- chat soon. I’m beginning to settle in and get stuff unpacked and my main computer will be up and running (hopefully) today.

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