8 thoughts on “Boxes boxes boxes”

  1. You’ve just spent five hours with wordpress, phpmyadmin and a mySQL database… dare I say, you’ve had more excitement than me today! The highlight of my day was finding a pound coin surrounded by toast crumbs in the sofa cushions!

    (Learning how to flickr blog from my phone came in a close second though…) 😉

  2. Let me know when things aren’t so crazy. They’ll be crazy here for the next 24 days.(That’s how many days till the wedding) Getting some new ink while in Vegas. Can’t wait to catch up. Miss you.

  3. Miss you too!
    Chat soon (our internet and phone won’t be down since we’re staying in the same exchange – yay!)!

  4. A box of medication for your ripblasting.

    I told you to lay of that Mexican food – but no- you’re too good for “sound” medical advice.

    You got an addiction, and all the palliatives in the world won’t help.

    With Love,

    Anonymous Wisconsin Doctor

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