Moleskine artists and getting over the fear of a blank page

Having a Moleskine seems to be all the rage right now, and with the number of Moleskine artists posting their projects on flickr increasing, it’s no wonder there’s buzz. The quiet little notebook with a big history seems to be just sitting by and enjoying the word-of-mouth marketing gospel spread by a growing number of web savvy devotees.

the tools for Moleskine artists

I too am a Moleskine lover and fortunately, Neil shares my notebook obsession. Our household contains nearly every configuration of the product. The paper is fine, the sizes are good, and the smell – yes, I said smell – of a new Moleskine is intoxicating. (I’m one of those kids who always sniffed new textbooks in school and I can say, without a doubt, that new Moleskine is better than any tome on European Literature I’ve ever had the pleasure of huffing.)

Since I’m relatively new to the Moleskine cult (less than a year of proper use out of me) I am still working through the little anxieties of dirtying the unbelievably sexy pages of my notebooks with my scratches and scribbles. I only want to draw masterpieces in them; I only want to write finished poetry or prose in them. These, after all, will be what I leave behind as my legacy right? Well, I’m getting over that mindset. I’m starting to take notes in them. I’m starting to Mind Map in them. I’m ignoring lines in the lined ones and writing words and drawings in the squared ones. I’m even decorating the covers of the Cahiers! I am running with scissors now and getting over the guilt of mistreating my Moleskines with my scrawling and rule-breaking.

As it turns out, there are loads of Moleskine devotees out there dirtying pages – sometimes several times per day – and posting their inspirational results out on flickr. I used to look at these as creatively intimidating images of Moleskine fearlessness and believe that I could never achieve the same confidence. But, I’m sure in my heart that most of these artists had to get over the same fear of the empty notebook that I did. Neil is certainly over it and although he told me this morning that he still gets the odd “what if I run out of ideas before I finish the Moleskine” thought, I trust he will have several volumes of Moleskine sketch books filled with brilliance before I finish even one. Of course, we are different Moleskine users and that is part of the magic of a blank notebook, be it a Pukka Pad, Black and Red, or handmade diary of exotic paper— choose a notebook that appeals to you and fill the damn thing. Fill it with whatever you need to, want to, or can. Take your time or let it come crashing out of your mind at top speed. It doesn’t do what it’s best at by sitting there empty. Fill it. Then get another notebook… Rinse and repeat, as they say.

Have a look at flickr for some Moleskine artists. Don’t let yourself be intimidated by the work of others in expensive little notebooks- be inspired. Then find some paper… any paper will do, though not all will smell the same…

Moleskinerie group pool on flickr
Moleskine: One Page at a Time group on flickr

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6 thoughts on “Moleskine artists and getting over the fear of a blank page”

  1. – sometimes, but only at home with the doors locked and the curtains closed I tear pages out – there I said it!
    I feel so free now…

  2. Just getting over this fear myself, though for regular sketchbooks – no good stockists of moleskine around that I know of here, though I would dearly love one of them *sighs wistfully*.

  3. Hi Kat, and welcome!

    Before my local bookshop started carrying Moleskines, I ordered them from Amazon. (they’re usually a little bit cheaper there too)
    Treat yourself- Moleskines are something special! 😀

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