Short and Fuzzy – The last of the Madeira diaries

Short and Fuzzy podcastShort and Fuzzy episode 7 is out now and this episode is our Day 6 holiday recap recorded on a noisy little mini-disc as we chronicled our holiday experiences in Madeira.
This is the final of seven Madeira podcasts. I was busy this week and completely forgot to announce this episode release sooner! The next Short and Fuzzy will be recorded soon… and will be numbered in a way that makes sense. πŸ˜‰

Short and Fuzzy is a podcast and I’m fifty percent of it. It’s a half hour show of Neil and I gabbing on about whatever is in our heads. It’s unscripted and, for the most part, unedited.
You’ve been warned and now you’re getting the link
(pick one that appeals to your geekness):

There’s also Winamp, Real, and RSS feeds on the BTPS page.

Episode Notes: The Final Day: The Saunacast! There is little better than a relaxing final day before the journey home. Great snoozing, German tourist habits, the sauna – sweat is different to wet, you know – discovering Poncha and the rather healthy stray cats and dogs all around. This is our final holidaycast for this year, recorded during our November 2006 visit to Madeira.
Good times!

Our next Short and Fuzzy will likely happen after the move. I’d love for it to be sooner, but there are other priorities ahead of recording a new show right now. The next one will be fresh and current- I can at least tell you that much!
Thank you for listening!

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4 thoughts on “Short and Fuzzy – The last of the Madeira diaries”

  1. Madeira! Podcast! Regularjen!
    I’m already a big fan, but despite my efforts, I didn’t manage to retrieve the podcast from the Evil Apple Empire (aka Itunes).
    The link doesn’t seem to work…
    (would it be possible to get ALL of the episodes?)

  2. stttijn: try this link. Just click and iTunes should open automatically and take you to the Short&Fuzzy iTunes page where you can click the ‘subscribe’ button.


  3. Thanks Neil and Jen.
    I just had my lunch staring nipples and an irrelevant debate (for a Belgian) on poor quality beer/lager…

    looking forward to hear the rest! πŸ˜‰

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