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OK- making this brief because I’d rather start blogging about something other than my mental health.

The Unit Administrator and the patient liaison can not do anything more. I wrote to the Primary Care Trust and have not heard back yet. So I decided to tackle my local GP… I am often, even in the worst of times, tenacious.

I printed every email, gathered all my records, and walked to the practice without an appointment. I explained the situation to the receptionist and she managed to get me an urgent same-day appointment with the head doctor. (I would not see the GP who was involved with the referral.) I’ve been to that appointment, have finally seen the refusal letter from Maudsley and have the attention of the head doctor. He’s writing letters this evening and getting my situation under control. He doesn’t understand the referral refusal either and the wording is vague at best. He’s getting to the bottom of it. I believe him. I left his office feeling very positive and hopeful. If I get local psychiatric care first, fine. Give it to me. If they then decide I need Maudsley, cool. Send me. I just need the ball rolling and finally, after some of the deepest lows I’ve ever been through, I’m seeing promise.

I also re-read my evaluation records from the US… turns out they pegged me for bi-polar too. Neato. I knew my depression intertwined with my ADHD and that Adderall XR (the meds I was on for ADHD) can positively affect comorbidities such as depression. No wonder I felt better all around… and bi-polar runs in my family. I am not surprised at finding that in my evaluation notes.

So, progress made.

And now, I need a sandwich. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “no more about this today”

  1. I went through the ringer like this, too, and was told I was bipolar, too.

    Remember that MOST UK psychiatrists do NOT believe that ADD/ADHD is even a disorder – they simply do not believe in it. Maudsley was different – but I had to have a referral from a mental health authority.

    I recently found out about a ADD clinic in Cambridge. Here is the link –

    These guys may point you in the right direction –

    You/We need to contact The British Psychological Society.

    If you want to call me honey, anytime, I am here for you – 07812 418257.

    Here are some more contacts.

    # United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy. This has become an umbrella organisation for many different psychotherapeutic groups. Tel: 0207 436 3002. Website:

    # British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. Tel: 0870 4435252.

    # British Psychological Society. Tel: 0116 2549568. Website:

    # Royal College of Psychiatrists. Tel: 0207 235 2351. Website:

    # National Council of Psychotherapists. Established in 1971 and representing the practice of psychotherapy. Tel: 0115 913 1382.Website:

    # British Association of Psychotherapists. The members of this association are psychodynamic therapists of the Freudian or Jungian type. Tel: 0208 452 9823. Website:

    # British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies. This organisation will help you find a properly qualified cognitive therapist, cognitive behaviour therapist, rational emotive behaviour therapist or a behaviour therapist. Tel: 01254 875277. Website:

  2. Thank you both. * hugs back *

    I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere with this. I’ll keep everyone updated.

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