Getting down to the truth of it

This morning I did some more digging around here on my blog for ammunition to fight the NHS with. Boy did I find a good one. I wrote the Unit Administrator and the patient liaison with the information. It’s not my best letter writing, but I barely got any sleep last night. It’ll do. Here’s what they got:

Good morning <names omitted here>

As you can imagine, yesterday was a difficult day. Today, I want to get to the bottom of the conflicting dates regarding my referral from Dr <name omitted> to Maudsley.

In summary, and as I keep an electronic journal, I have a timeline to go by. You’ll see the very first contact I was considering is AFTER the date I was supposedly already rejected.

28 September 2006:
Quoted from my online journal:

I’m Trying
By jEN | September 28, 2006

I'm trying to get up the courage to call the doctor.
I wish I didn't feel this sort of semi-embarrassment that I feel about going to the GP regarding my brain.
I don't want to tell him about it. I don't want to give him the names and numbers of the mental health clinic that I saw in the US so he can obtain my records. I don't want to admit to a person all of my mental health flaws and then get told to make an appointment with another doctor only to have to spill them all over again to another stranger. NHS protocol tells me that I go to a GP first, then, if the GP can't fix what ails you, they send you to someone else. I understand this to be a fair and reasonable practise, but when it comes to mental health I just find it an embarrassing obstacle. I don't like to admit to myself that my brain is flawed, let alone want to tell a gaggle of different doctors who don't even know me about it. I'd rather parade naked in front of them all than divulge that I have something wrong inside my head and need help for it. I went through all this in the US. That was hard enough.
I wouldn't get rid of my ADD, but I don't like the impersonal nature of this process.
I think I'm stalling. I should pick up the phone.
I'm going to look the protocol for mental health issues and the NHS up online first. Maybe there is another way…

I have further entries that document my depression and difficulties with obtaining a referral from a doctor whose first awareness of Adult ADD/ADHD came from my request for his help.

The timeline needs looked into further and I need to know the next step. I have waited so long and understand that sometimes mistakes happen, but there is no way I could have been refused before I’d ever made my GP aware and sought a referral.

Please help.

Thank you.
Jennifer Dixon

Needless to say, I feel a helluva lot better with this documentation on my side. They are wrong. I have proof. In fact, even if someone ignored my blog post, then the records of being seen by my GP would refute the claim that I was denied a referral on the 27th of September.

No tears today. I’m all about getting this sorted.

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  1. Big Hugs – it’s a crappy situation they’ve put you in, but hey, you found a practical use for blogging 🙂


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