it’s closer than it feels, I know

Boxes stacked all around. The clutter of items I can’t pack but have no place for now. The list of necessary items needed for the new place. The bags and bags of things to go to charity shops. The photos I took of the new flat tease me with possibility. The unexpected surveyor who woke me from a snooze by trying to get into the flat. The dwindling food supplies in the kitchen cupboards. The instinctive springtime desire for change.

It’s already the 20th of March and there is much to do around the flat, but I have also already done so much towards the move. It’s getting to the point where I’m packing things that may or may not need to be accessible and so I don’t tape the boxes shut. It bugs me to have all these unfinished boxes, but it’s less trouble than opening several sealed ones to find what we need.

By this time next month we’ll be getting used to the new routines of the changed environment. The kitchen cupboards won’t be as sparsely stocked. The boxes will be emptied. I’ll have breakfast on the balcony and then a cup of coffee on a sofa we can call our own. Just got to get through the next few weeks of living space chaos first…

Time to tackle another room.

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