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It’s likely that some people happen onto my blog when Googling for Adult ADD or Adult ADHD. It’s for you and any other interested readers that I write a few words on my ongoing referral situation. The rest of you can skip the drama and go look at my pretty flickr pictures. 😛

I just found out today, after several emails back and forth with the patient liaison for Maudsley, that apparently my referral was received from my GP in September and rejected by letter on the 27th of September 2006. I just found this out. By email. Because I kept asking. Notice, it’s 20 March 2007.

This spun me into quite a teary, blubbering, boogery mess. I wrote back. Intelligently and everything. Even through biting my lip with a snot dribble from my nose to my desk I managed a calm and collected reply. I have strength squirrelled away in secret places for just such occasions.

After hitting SEND and proceeding to leak more shocked disappointment from my face onto my desk, I re-read the email chain. Then it hit me- there is a MAJOR discrepancy in this timeline: my GP was still asking me for information (records from the US) in late October. He sent my referral in after that. Which means…
Right. How could I be refused before the referral letter was received?

I’ve been in contact with the patient liaison several times today. This person is professionally sympathetic and helpful though the timeline problem is not his. I have to go to the Primary Care Trust for that one. And I certainly will. I have a treatment history and, at the very least, deserve evaluation.

So, as you can imagine, it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster day. I feel quite abandoned by the system but am not giving up. Something went dreadfully amiss with my referral process and I will not back down until it is rectified. I may have to ask my US therapist for further assistance, but I will get a door opened somehow.

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4 thoughts on “ADHD referral process update”

  1. That upsets me almost as much as it does you. What the **** is going on with those idiots? Our health care system sucks in many ways, but at least you would have seen a doctor and received medication within days of requesting an appointment! AND you wouldn’t have needed a referral!

    It seems as though it would be easier to hop on a plane to the U.S., see your old doctor, get enough medication for a year, fly back home, and tell the Maudsley people to go to hell!

    This sucks big time!

  2. Yes, it does suck big time. And you know me, I haven’t let on just how deeply this really hurts me. Months of waiting for nothing. Stretches of depression. Fleeting focus. It is tremendously painful to have had treatment and know what it’s like to feel good and functional but here I can’t even get seen?

    Believe me, I thought about the US option but due to the nature of the ADD medication that works for me, I can only receive a minimal number of pills at a time.

    I must unfortunately solve this here. I am not looking forward to the battle but I am certainly ready to make someone pay attention to me.

  3. Why can’t your GP over there prescribe for you? You’ve got all your information from here. Do you have to go through Maudsley? Can you find a GP that will do the meds thing? Can you get any sort of help from our embassy? Do you want me to come over there and pound on somebody?

  4. The GP doesn’t have the ability to prescribe for this situation. They deal with very general illnesses and just like in the US, I need to be assessed by the appropriate professional.

    I have a lot to try to think through for getting this solved, but my first focus needs to be about the referral itself – there has to be a mistake somewhere since the timeline of events is completely off.

    I know you want me to be able to get the help I need but I don’t know that the embassy can help either since I’m on the NHS like anyone else over here.

    I’ll update you soon. x

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