So Plucking cool

I’ve got a Palm Pilot. “Of course she does,” I hear you say. Most of the time I use it for the calendar, a mobile backup of certain data, and games. It’s not a powerhouse for me and not a business necessity -¬†I just like it. (I sleep with it next to the bed.* I’m a sad, sad little nerd. 😉 ) Anyway, I always knew I could read eBooks on it, but never really got past downloading a copy of Last of the Mohicans. (I read it when I was a kid… I think. I dunno – seems like I did, but maybe I’m just remembering the Daniel Day-Lewis movie and some random time when I held a book in my hands. Could be either.)

So literature hasn’t really caught on for me using my Palm Pilot. Until now… I’m gonna give it another go. I found Plucker and Project Gutenberg. The Top 100 eBooks list contains stuff I actually want to read! Score! The best bit?


OpenSource application, copyright released works. I’ve already downloaded Ulysses by James Joyce, Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, and The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. Installing the Plucker app on the Palm is painless and the books are just a Hot Sync away from being read. (Plucker also has desktop installation and standalone text documents, but that doesn’t really interest me.)

So-¬†Plucker, Palm, Project Gutenberg = happy bunny. 😀

* If I’ve got insomnia or just having a hard time getting to sleep, I play Solitaire until I can’t see anymore. Works like a charm.

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