construction and upgrades today is going through two phases of change today:

  • WordPress upgrade Done.
  • Template/Theme change Done(ish).

If the site is a little messy today, you now know why. Should be sparkly and new within a few hours (hopefully less).


UPDATE: Argh. Upgraded to the latest WordPress and found that the developers have messed with things that weren’t broken… Like the ability to NOT display link descriptions. I’ve just spent the last fifteen minutes hand deleting all of my link descriptions. Irritating.
Also, the damned backend (Dashboard stuff and whathaveyou) is seriously buggy for responsiveness. You click a link, say Manage, and it goes no where. Though it did once. But not again. And then it does later. If you’re lucky. Fucking irritating. What have you done, dear WP? Also, sooooper annoying is the way that post categories (not that when I click Categories that it always goes there… * screaming inside a little *) and link categories are combined. WTF?!
I love you WordPress, always have, but stop breaking what ain’t in need of fixin’.

So, with the above rant considered, the final look of this blog will be a slower process than I wanted. That’s why the gods invented coffee.