Neil worked in London today and saw himself coming home to the new flat. That makes it the right choice. 🙂

Can’t wait to move. And it’s not just because half our stuff is in boxes now… No, we can’t wait for the transition. It’ll be our first place chosen together and feels right to us both. Also, having our own furniture will be an important step psychologically as much as decoratively. We’ve both started over in life and although we’ve had a happy enough couple of years in the current flat, it was a default residence taken over from a friend. It was home because that was where we lived, not because it had a particularly ‘home-ish’ vibe. Though we weren’t/aren’t especially prepared to move this quickly (soon, but not this soon) things are falling into place nicely, all things considered. Even if we only decide to stay at the new flat for a year, it will be an important year for us. We’re certainly grateful for where we are now as it’s where we’ve both strengthened our damaged wings, but now it’s time to fly!

The week we move is also the same week as our second wedding anniversary. What wonderful things to look forward to! 🙂

I’m sleepy and this post is likely not my most coherent and probably dangerously close to being cheesy, so time for bed.

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2 thoughts on “solidifying”

  1. Sniff! Will miss your old place. Venue for my second ever video iChat which was with Neil, my first being with you when you were still in Wisconsin. Hopefully the next time you are in Scotland I won’t also be away on holiday like last year.

  2. Awwww… * hugs *
    Yes, there are some good memories tied up in this place too, but the next stop will have its own.

    We must find a way to get together sometime this year. 🙂

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