Fancy some pizza, wine, and a bit of a sweat?

Come one, come all to the relocation event of the year: The Dixon Moving Extravaganza!

Well, that may be hyping it up a bit, however, if you are free sometime during the week of 9-15 April 10-15 April (the 9th is Easter Monday), want a workout and some social time, then please consider joining us as we move a few hundred yards from where we live now. (Yes, the new place is that close and don’t worry, we’ll have a van.) The boxes are labelled, tidy, and we have very little furniture thanks to this current furnished flat. Easy-peasy.

We’ll supply tasty beverages and pizza as well as a comfy air mattress if you need to crash for the night. Heck, podcasters- you can record the event if you want or we can have a round table at the end of the day. 🙂

This could be great fun and we’d be ever so appreciative! I’ll provide a more definitive date in the next week or so to those who respond, but if you’re interested or have a date suggestion for us, then please let us know. (Y’all know how to reach us already.)

Thanks a bunch! (Did I mention free food, drink, podcasting, and a place to crash? 😉 )

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4 thoughts on “Fancy some pizza, wine, and a bit of a sweat?”

  1. You know I’ll be there, at least in spirit!

    Mantra for Neil: itwillbefunitwillbefunitwillbefun 🙂

  2. Yes, I suppose 4000 miles is a bit far to travel for pizza, wine, and manual labour. 😉

    But, itwillbefunitwillbefunitwillbefun! 😀

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