How to help me avoid selling the fruit of my ovaries to a research lab to fund this move

From furnished to unfurnished and how you can help me make the transition less painful and/or surgically invasive.

I won’t lie- money is super-tight right now. And by saying super-tight, I’m subtly implying non-existent. This move was unexpected* and so, as you can imagine, we hadn’t established a ‘moving fund’ for anytime in the foreseeable future, let alone for immediate use. This fund would need several thousand pounds in it right this minute.

So I thought that I’d take a moment to mention that if anyone was considering a housewarming gift, a little Paypal donation would be the most helpful way to spread your love. You’ll find a link in my sidebar (in the second section, Pages) and any housewarming gift amount you send to my Paypal will be going directly into the first month’s rent/security deposit/IKEA fund, as well as a van rental.
(I’ve budgeted the bare necessities at IKEA and that alone will cost approximately ¬£750. * sigh *)

We haven’t finished paperwork for the new flat yet but the ball is rolling. Hopefully by the middle of next week we’ll know – with certainty – our new address. I’m not the type who asks for anything, but I just thought I’d mention how you could best help, if perhaps you were thinking of doing a little something. (Though I love Amazon Wish List presents, that stuff isn’t going to keep me off the streets – or away from trying to find an egg buyer.)

So many boxes, so little time. Let the stress begin… yowsa!

* The landlord sprung the news on us a few days ago that he’s selling the flat we’re in now within a few weeks. Eek!

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2 thoughts on “How to help me avoid selling the fruit of my ovaries to a research lab to fund this move”

  1. If you need it you can have the fruit of my ovaries too. I think the stuff in there’s about to spoil anyway.

  2. Thanks Jodi! We’ll have a “I’ve donated my eggs to science and all I got was this lousy t-shirt” party! lol 😀

    Things will be fine, they always are, but unexpected major expenses are always scary.

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