We (likely) have a winner!

When I first typed that post title I accidentally spelled wimmer… which made me giggle. But then, I’m hopped up on caffeine and feeling triumphant today, so my amusement standards may be a bit relaxed. Wimmer. Say it out loud. Now, say it out loud whilst pretending to be a sideshow carnie in a snorkel. See? Fun to say…

I digress. I’ll start the real post now.

We (likely) have a winner. I’ve seen seven different flats in twenty-four hours, two of which have been seen twice. We’re picking a slightly older flat that has an all new (and very spacious eat-in) kitchen, big living room, three bedrooms, garden, and big balcony. It’s got character and potential, is comfortable and unfurnished, and only a bit more expensive than where we are now. More features, same town, and reasonable price. Yay!

We’ve got our paperwork/application stuff and will likely be moving in a month. We’re going from a furnished flat to an unfurnished one and so my study material over the weekend will be IKEA catalogues.
So exciting!

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3 thoughts on “We (likely) have a winner!”

  1. Thank you! 🙂

    I’ve already started packing and we’ve just let the landlord of our current place know our intentions. Exciting times!

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