Real conversations: checking out Brad’s sack

“Hey‚ you know I’m an accessories freak when I’m on this blog that keeps up with celeb stuff and I’m supposed to be looking at Brad Pitt’s man-package in the photo but I’m too busy looking at his man-bag.”


“Pitt. There’s this photo showing off his junk in loose trousers, but I’m staring at his shoulder bag.”

Neil comes around to my computer. He happens to be in the market for a new bag…

“Oh- that is a nice bag. I like the way the strap comes down…” He drifts mid-sentence, pointing at the screen.

“See? How secure do you feel in our relationship if I’m on a site begging me to look at Brad’s stuff and I fixate on his messenger bag.”

Neil is all smiles.

Here’s a little clipping from the photo, however, if you want to see the shoulder strap in all its sexy glory (oh, and Brad’s face and exposed chest) you’ll have to use the link below.

Brad Pitt and his lovely luggage.

Site with the original article and photo.

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One thought on “Real conversations: checking out Brad’s sack”

  1. “He happens to be in the market for a new bag‚Äö?Ѭ?”
    should read…
    “He happens to be in a constant state of potential new bag awareness…”

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