putting my packing prowess into practice

Yes that’s right boys and girls- might be moving. This time it looks far less daunting than the last time I moved (I’m an expat, remember), so this should be a piece of cake comparatively. We’re looking to stay in the same town as it’s nice, convenient to London (or anywhere else by rail or motorway), and has virtually everything we need within walking distance.

The reason we’re moving is that our landlord is selling the property. This isn’t coming as a surprise to us but it was a surprise that he’s offered us the first refusal on buying the flat. Neil was looking at the possibility of getting a mortgage but I think I’ve dissuaded him. We’re actually in the enviable position of being completely neutral on the ‘property ladder.’ We have no mortgage which means we can up and move to wherever we like without worrying about some complex chain of buyers and sellers.

Renting is often thought of as a lower class option to owning your own home, but in reality, some people choose to rent to stay out of the mess of mortgages. We’ve both owned our own homes in the past but I’ve moved so many times that I don’t believe it’s always the best option. Hell, before I moved away to attend art school my mother and I had lived in five different places, most of which were owned and had mortgages. On my own, I’ve lived in a dorm and then three apartments before buying a house. If my counting and memory are serving me well this afternoon, that means I’ve lived in ten places between three states (Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin) and am now on my eleventh abode here in Berkshire. I’m not exactly new to this stuff. 😉

Neil, on the other hand, is much less experienced than me at moving house, so I can understand if his first thought was to look at buying this place. My first thought however is to go look at loads of exciting new flat and house listings. I think my experience with moving and adventurous nature are going to be relied on pretty heavily in the next month or so. I’ve already found nine potential properties to see. Neil’s last email already shows a bit of relief at my handling of the situation.

Looks like I’ve got some calls to make, flats to see, and maybe even a bit of pre-move weeding through junk to do around the flat. Exciting times!

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3 thoughts on “putting my packing prowess into practice”

  1. I’m so excited for you. I love moving! Granted, the packing/transporting/unpacking is a big pain; but the thrill of a different place makes it worthwhile. I get really bored in the same place after a few years. Moving shakes everything up, gets you out of a rut, and into new thinking. I’ve actually been toying with the idea of selling my house and getting a smaller place within the next two years.

    Have a good time choosing your next place. Should I go ahead and alert IKEA? 🙂

  2. It is exciting. I’m looking forward to the choices we have in picking our next place. This flat was a default when Neil took it over from his flat mate, so this move will be a fresh new decision and will take our personalities and likes/dislikes into consideration.

    I’ve been seeing estate agents this afternoon (after a morning of looking at places online) and have two flats lined up to see tomorrow. Wheeee!

    And yes… IKEA may need warning. 😉

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