It looks different and it looks better.

I took the liberty of hanging that painting I did last month. No longer is it squatting on the easel space, preventing me from painting something else. Nope, I evicted that thing and hung it in the living room. It is arresting on the margarine-coloured wall.

So strange to see it up there; I haven’t had my own work up in years. I used to hang most of my paintings – covering as much wall-space as I could like a patchwork of dirtied canvas – but that was long ago when I produced a lot and couldn’t afford posters from IKEA to hang instead…*

I sketched three new things in a little Moleskine tonight and placed a fresh, untouched canvas on the easel. I may paint this weekend. I may paint tomorrow. We’ll see, but at least I made the first step by getting the other one on the wall. I can see it from my desk all the way across the flat. I like seeing it up there. It is inspiring me.

*This is not strictly true. I could afford the posters- it was always the truck-full of other goodies that made my trips to IKEA so expensive.

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One thought on “It looks different and it looks better.”

  1. Hey Jen,

    Fantastic stuff! Good to see you’re getting back to producing some bigger works. Sketchbooks can be a little too comforting / safe at times, their contents don’t have that “up on the wall in plain view” aspect. 🙂

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