Even in the midst of it all, there is happiness. And fading pop stars.

Where has all the post writing gone? Well, I could claim that I’ve been busy, but that would only be half the story. I promise it’s not burnout- no, I love this blog (and the others I contribute to/author as well), but ‘busy’ only accounts for the time that is easy to account for. The rest of it? I’ve been in a rather tiny boat on an unpredictable and churning sea of depression-versus-happiness due to my ADD/ADHD. The past few months haven’t been particularly easy, but I’m getting through and somewhere between the tears and cheers I’ve landed a part-time job as well as occasional freelance work. This week in particular has been quite busy as I’ve had both kinds of employment taking up loads of time. I stopped working at about 5 PM today and am chilling the hell out. I cooked some dinner, drank some wine, and am about to further chill with a book or two. Or maybe write. Or draw. I don’t know, but I’m chilling. Even a bubble bath is sounding quite nice…

Tomorrow’s big tasks include proving my identity to yet another governmental agency (being an expat sometimes seems like an almost never-ending calendar of appointments involving all of my official documentation, though in reality I know the appointments aren’t at all that frequent), and fixing the kitchen tap. I’m not looking forward to either chore, but hey, both are necessary.

I also intend to write, read, and get back into the swing of things. I do what I can and am a slave to my brain, but right now I seem to be on the positive side of this current wave and I should take advantage of the moment and ride it as far as I can. It will crash into the rocks, it’s inevitable, but I’m going to try to make more of my ‘up’ time whilst it’s happening.

Oh, and before I forget to ask, what the fuck is up with Britney Spears shaving her head? Whoa.


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4 thoughts on “Even in the midst of it all, there is happiness. And fading pop stars.”

  1. Oh, no panties, tried rehab, shaves off hair. Someone needs to chat with a professional. I am of course referring to Britney!

  2. I wish you the best. It can be rough doing all the juggling. Regarding Britney Spears, she’s going tor the Sinead O’Connor look. I think she seriously needs to consider some Prozac or something.

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