A random act of sweetness

I witnessed the most adorable random act of sweetness over the weekend. I was in a bookstore and went up to the till with my goodies. Three boys, all under twelve by their looks, were ahead of me talking to the staff about “Web Charlotte.” They were pleased it was in stock but couldn’t buy it at the time. The boys spoke very little English (they may have been Polish, guessing by their accents) and the staff was doing more of the communicating by asking questions so the boys could nod or shake their heads. Before they left the shop, they each presented the women behind the counter with an A4-sized, full-colour drawing of the spider, Charlotte. Sincere smiles and thanks were given in return and the boys left the shop smiling and happy.

You just don’t have the privilege of witnessing such selfless stuff everyday. I’m so glad I was there when I was.

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