Neil wants more snow


After having a rather crappy day yesterday I seem to have bounced back. My brain isn’t at 100% today so I decided that it was a perfect day to spend in the kitchen whippin’ up tasty stuff! I get this way when the weather goes bad anyway, so after yesterday’s funk and today’s snow? I was a cooking fiend. Pinch, beat, and stir, baby!
I think Neil wants it to snow more often…

I put my food porn up on flickr. The one thing that didn’t get photographed was the pan of brownies I made. Suffice it to say that they were eagerly cut into before I thought to grab my camera. (Before I get called a piggy, I froze more than half the pan. Nyah nyah.)

Not everything prepared was sweets; I also made ciabattas, polenta, polenta chips, stuffed peppers (filled with prawns, tomato, fresh garlic chunks, olive oil, cheese, and polenta). If I hadn’t broken away for dinner I think I would’ve gone on to make homemade pasta noodles too! Madness! Kitchen madness!

I’ll start taking pictures of my culinary adventures. (I’ll also try to light the kitchen better.) I have a plan to reveal my recipes too, but that may take the shape of a podcast. You can bet I’ll announce it here if that happens.


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3 thoughts on “Neil wants more snow”

  1. OMG, peanut butter cookies! I didn’t know how much I missed them until I saw this photo. Could you send a batch up to the Midlands?

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