a funky kind of day

The day started off promising. I did yoga, a meditation, read stuff, learned some things. Everything before lunch seemed rather positive but then the low began to wash in and coat my spirits with a melancholy mood. I had grand plans for today, yet for some reason it was difficult to do minimal tasks. Things are now in slow-motion.

Feeling this creep in, I called the Maudsley clinic Patient Advice and Liason line but got an answering machine. I didn’t leave a message, instead I emailed them my inquiry. You see, I still haven’t heard from anyone regarding my referral; it’s been since the last week of October. I understand that referrals can take several months and so before I got too low about the situation I decided to make the positive step of contact. I feel the wave creeping up. I know what it means.

I took a nap. I woke hungry and ate something simple. I think the best thing I can do now is to put some of my favourite – upbeat – tunes on, and not beat myself up over all the things that I thought I would do today but didn’t. I’m not in the mood for the music, but I’m not giving in just yet.

Fingers crossed I have news from the email contact before the end of the week.
I’m so sleepy today.

UPDATE: Been playing some loved music, did some washing up, and have had a shower. All is not well in my world this evening, but I feel a bit better than when this post originated. It’s going to either be an early night to bed or a late one with a favourite movie. I haven’t decided yet…

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2 thoughts on “a funky kind of day”

  1. Thank you John. Sometimes the lows can be quick. I only just woke up a few minutes ago‚Äö?Ñ?Æ we’ll see how today goes. So far, so good. ADD brains can go through moods, depressions, euphoria, anger in very different ways to those without ADD. I can change by the hour.

    I do have a very interesting distraction this morning: snow! We hardly ever get any of the white stuff around here but this morning there are INCHES!

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